Before we begin, I don’t like the “Hero” term for this context, but you will quickly understand what it means. And we will talk about DevOps, but I think it doesn’t really matter.

A year ago, I never worked with Cloud or DevOps tools (personally or professionally) but I…


What is JIB?

JIB is a library created by Google to help you to generate Docker images of your Java projects without Docker locally.

What does it mean?

Global Presentation

In a classic way, we must have a dockerfile in our Java project. Build the Docker image with the command lines and…

During your working on a Spring Gateway, you can have this kind of issue which seems to come from out of nowhere:

reactor.netty.http.client.PrematureCloseException: Connection prematurely closed DURING response

After reviewing a lot of GitHub or StackOverflow pages, the only things I saw to correct it was to update the netty…

Maxime Guilbert

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